The Project

The Perfect Woman Project has four phases:

SUBMISSION: I have invited men, through personals ads and online services, to submit their idea of the “Perfect Woman.” You can View the Old Perfect Woman Submissions here.

VOTING: Voting is closed. Thank you for your participation.
Winning Submission: Hopeful.

TRANSFORMATION: February 25-April 28. The winner has been selected. You can watch my transformation into the ”Perfect Woman” on The Perfect Woman BLOG. Also all communication between ”Perfect Woman” and the winner is posted daily on The Perfect Woman BLOG.  Please feel free to comment and participate in my transformation into the ”Perfect Woman”. For this portion of the project comments are open to the public and all anonymous entries are accepted. Registration and Login is purely optional.

DATING: April 29-May 1. The winner went on an all expenses paid trip for a series of dates with their “Perfect Woman”. The Dates were broadcast live online. The recorded dates will be available to watch shortly.